About me

I value productivity ⏱️ but also know how to relax 😁 On the weekends, you might catch me binge-watching a TV series 🎬 or going for a hike in the woods 🥾. I'm a fan of coffee ☕ and enjoy reading design and marketing books 📖.
niranjan smiling and posing at ghandruk
niranjan smiling and posing at ghandruk

Timeline of My Life

Born in Butwal, Nepal
Moved to Kathmandu after SLC
2015, Sept
Got Scholarship in IOE WRC
2015 - 2019
Stayed in Pokhara and completed my Engineering, Did few internships in graphic design and UI/UX design. Involved in design campaigns of campus events
2019, Oct
Moved back to Kathmandu, after completing BE
2019 - 2022
worked as Graphic Designer at Sunbi for just 2 months then joined Bentray as UI/UX Designer, worked there for 14 months and joined Optimum Futurist as UX Designer, worked there for next 14 months
2022, Apr
Joined Leapfrog as Product Designer
2023, Feb
Got Married
Life Goes on